A gripping coming-of-age story and spy thriller set in Germany in the ‘80s.

10 “DEUTSCHLAND 83″ GIFs We Could Watch All Day

Want to watch DEUTSCHLAND 83 on repeat? Us too. To get started, we made a few gifs of some of the moments we love.

1. Martin can run like the wind. Plus, we covet that Puma tee.


2. Sign us up for spy school, please.


3. Martin’s first mission still makes our hearts pound.


4. No matter where you are, someone is listening.


5. The threat of nuclear war aside, the ’80s were a wonderful time, weren’t they?


6. Picking up tips on the art of seduction…


7. … And how to handle awkward encounters with your boss.


8. Things between Alex and Tobias got a little steamy.


9. No one saw this one coming…


10. When two of Martin’s lovers meet…


BONUS: Who could forget Schweppenstette’s dancing?


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