A gripping coming-of-age story and spy thriller set in Germany in the ‘80s.

Which Famous Spy Are You? The Results Are In!

You took the Which Famous Spy Are You quiz and now the results are in! Most of you are striving to be the best (though some might call you a bit reckless) like Ethan Hunt, while many of you would rather have that martini shaken not stirred just like James Bond. Full results below:

1. Ethan Hunt: 33.63%
2. James Bond: 24.71%
3. Sydney Bristow: 15.69%
4. Jason Bourne: 11.34%
5. Martin Rauch/Moritz Stamm: 9.69%
6. Elizabeth Jennings: 2.84%
7. Abraham Woodhull: 2.10%

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