A gripping coming-of-age story and spy thriller set in Germany in the ‘80s.

Relive the Most Explosive Moments from “DEUTSCHLAND 83″


SPOILER ALERT! With the Season Finale of DEUTSCHLAND 83 fast approaching, it’s time to relive the most the intense and surprising moments from the series. From Martin’s (involuntary) conscription into the spy service to the shocking embassy bombing, these spoiler clips will prepare you for what’s next.

Episode 101: The Man for the Job - Click to watch
Martin is offered a proposition that he can’t refuse.

Episode 102: Under the Gun - Click to watch
While on his first mission, Martin gains an unexpected new ally.

Episode 103: Caught In the Act - Click to watch
Martin makes an unlikely friend while planting a bug.

Episode 104: Rescuing Linda - Click to watch
Martin comes to the rescue at the last minute during a swim in the lake.

Episode 105: Spy Vs Spy - Click to watch
Martin chases down the suspected embassy bomber.

Episode 106: On the Run - Click to watch
Martin and Alex flee the brothel as police close in.

Episode 107: Stamm Blows His Cover - Click to watch
With the East and West on the brink of war, Martin reveals that he is the mole.

Tune in for the Season Finale of DEUTSCHLAND 83 Wed., Aug. 5 11/10c on SundanceTV.