Waruu WestPlayed by Rob Collins

Waruu, once the respected spokesman for the disenfranchised peoples of the Zone, is a man in self-imposed exile. He is a man without family and community, but with millions of dollars in the bank. He has a big house, a fast car, a high-paying job of influence where he makes decisions for the community that rejected him and an ally in Slade; one of the most powerful men in the City. But the truth is, Waruu is alone and living on the edge.

Waruu is consumed by jealousy and greed, the distinguishing traits of the crow. Waruu finds a new world in which he can rise to the top and attain great power – this is the world of the City. With Slade's guidance and backing, Waruu becomes a power player in the government as it seeks to rid the City of Hairies. But Waruu is hiding a secret that, if revealed, will bring about his immediate downfall: He has Hairy blood coursing through his veins, and with it – Hairy strength.