Uncle JimmyPlayed by Jack Charles

Uncle Jimmy is Waruu and Koen’s uncle — the brother of their deceased father. And he came to be a real father figure for them, teaching them everything about their culture that he could.

When alive, Uncle Jimmy was a man in conflict. Beleaguered by the voices in his head, as much as the voices around him demanding his help, Jimmy has not hold firm. He drifted from the community and into the pathway of the charismatic Jarrod Slade. As opposed to many of the younger generations in his community, Slade is someone actually interested in Jimmy and the stories he has to tell. Slade wants to know everything. Flattered by his interest, and enticed by money too, Jimmy shares many secrets with Slade, many more than he is entitled to, and he lost control of the situation, giving things to Slade he never thought he would.

Now it is time for Jimmy to make amends for what he's done. Time to reassert the power of the Cleverman — although not in the form that any would have predicted...