Jarrod SladePlayed by Iain Glen

Still one of the most powerful men in the City, Jarrod Slade – as we saw in Season 1 – has successfully been able to isolate Hairy mitochondria – the "powerhouse" of Hairy strength. It is these Hairy mitochondria that are now part of the child growing in Charlotte, and were in the Hairy "essence" Slade injected into himself.

But Slade has discovered, to his great disappointment and frustration, that the Hairy essence within him is no longer operational (Slade doesn’t know that it was destroyed by the blast of energy Koen threw at him as he escaped the laboratory). He is determined to continue his experiments, and to use himself as a guinea pig, so that he may once again feel that Hairy energy and strength within him.

Slade, through Waruu as his spokesperson, offers the government a corollary of this process as a solution – a way to assimilate Hairies into human society.

But Slade still does not have the one thing he wants above all else – an heir. The child his wife, Charlotte (Frances O'Connor), is carrying, the child with Hairy mitochondria, would be the first of a new species, the hope for the future. Or is it?