JarliPlayed by Clarence Ryan

Jarli is a young, hot-headed Bindawu man, passionate about his people, and protecting them from the expansion of the humans. Unlike the rest of the Bindawu, however, Jarli does not live in isolation from the human world. In fact, he is a regular visitor to the City, scavenging bits and pieces of technology that he hides away from the others, using it to access the broadcasts of the government, among other things. This is strictly forbidden by Bindawu lore, but despite being chastised by Darana, a Bindawu elder and his mentor, Jarli does not stop. Instead, he steps up his activities. Darana is firmly of the belief that the Bindawu must follow the old ways to survive, whereas Jarli is agitating for change – opening up to other Hairypeople, claiming land back from the humans.