AudiePlayed by Taylor Ferguson

Audie is a victim of the government’s new curfew policy. Once, she had a casual job in a crummy restaurant, which provided her with a room upstairs. Come the curfew, she has no job, no accommodation and will never see the month’s pay she is owed. Estranged from her family, she has no one to turn to. Living by her wits and on the street, she comes across Koen and Harry, and sees more of the Cleverman’s powers than Harry, at least, would like. He insists she return to the abandoned building to live, where they can keep an eye on her. She is a human, a City dweller, and therefore immediately under suspicion. Audie is an outsider in the abandoned building, but Aunty Linda takes her under her wing. Not that Audie needs protecting – she’s smart and strong, and has a keen sense of her own worth.