Starring Iain Glen (Game of Thrones), Frances O'Connor (The Missing), Hunter Page-Lochard (The Sapphires) and Rob Collins
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Cleverman Season 2 Recap


Jarrod Slade brings Koen West’s corpse to his lab after recovering it from the Zone. Koen transforms into a falcon and escapes.

Jarli attacks a Containment Authority convoy transporting Zone residents. Djukara is killed in the fray. Nerida, Alinta and Latani escape and hide out in the house of Tim Dolan, who they take captive.

Marion Frith is appointed the new Minister for Human Safety and fires McIntyre as head of the CA.

Slade warns Dr. Mitchell that they may need to extract his wife Charlotte’s fetus before 24 weeks. Meanwhile, he takes injections of the Hairy serum and tests its physical effects.

Koen reunites with Aunty Linda at his bar. A young Hairy, Mungo, brings them to an abandoned building where Hairy survivors are hiding out.

Frith purchases 500 DNA scanners from Slade but refuses to hire Waruu West as Slade’s cultural expert on Hairies.

Slade shows Waruu around his lab and says that he needs access to the CA to obtain more Hairy subjects. Waruu recognizes Boondee as one of Slade’s test subjects.

A posse of humans beats Mungo to death. Koen knocks the bullies down with a blast of his psychic energy and inadvertently catches Linda with his blast.

Waruu tells Frith about the Hairy serum, which destroys a Hairy’s strength and hair. She accepts his proposal for an “Inclusion Initiative” that would assimilate Hairies into human society. Waruu, Slade and Frith announce the Initiative on TV and present a hairless Boondee after his inclusion treatment.

Harry finds Araluen and brings her to the hideout.

Slade tries to destroy a sample of Koen’s blood with various diseases, but Koen’s blood is impervious.

Dolan earns Nerida’s trust and they make love. Alinta later shows Nerida CA employment documents that she found in Dolan’s room, convincing Nerida they should flee.

Uncle Jimmy draws Koen into the woods and trains Koen how to use his powers. He explains that anyone caught by the blue blast loses their “muya” and can no longer enter the afterlife upon death. After training is finished, Jimmy disappears into thin air.

Frith shows Waruu footage of Koen attacking Mungo’s assailants and asks him to figure out what Koen is. Waruu collects sap from a special tree after reading of its powerful blood in one of Jimmy’s journals.

Audie drives Araluen to Bennelong House, where Boondee and other included Hairies reside. Araluen reunites with Boondee.

Charlotte confronts Slade after a DNA scan reveals that she is subhuman. Jarli attacks Slade and kidnaps Charlotte.

Koen learns from one of his visions that Linda caused his parents’ fatal car accident. Koen confronts Waruu, who explains that Linda ran his parents’ car off the road after discovering that her husband was sleeping with Koen’s mother.

Waruu slits Koen’s throat then rubs a lump of sap on the wound. Koen springs to life and flees. The wound on his throat heals, but only partially.

Jarli brings Charlotte to his camp and reveals that she’s carrying a Hairy child. Darana, a Hairy elder, reluctantly agrees to let Charlotte stay.

The CA captures Nerida, Alinta and Latani. Dolan convinces Hendricks to let Nerida go free but Hendricks takes Alinta in for processing. Hendricks tries to execute Latani but she beats him up and escapes into the mountains.

Koen restores Linda’s muya, which she lost when she was hit by his blue blast.

Frith finds a suspicious strand of Waruu’s body hair and asks Slade to test it. The DNA results come back subhuman but Slade tells Frith they are human. Meanwhile, he confronts Waruu about secretly taking the Hairy serum.

Waruu presents the sap to Slade and explains that it’s capable of hurting Koen. Slade liquefies the sap and cuts through a previously indestructible nulla nulla that he stole from Koen.

Waruu brings Alinta to his home under house arrest. Nerida tries to rescue Alinta but Waruu reports her to the CA. Dolan brings Nerida back to his house.

McIntyre orders Boondee to take him to the Bindawu tribe to retrieve Charlotte. Boondee signals the tribe as they enter Bindawu territory. Jarli kills McIntyre with a spear and Latani reunites with Boondee.

Frith visits the Inclusion Clinic and is surprised to learn that Hairies are peaceful.

The Bindawu tribe agrees to release Charlotte so that she can prevent Slade from sending an army into their territory.

With Audie’s help, Koen sneaks into the Inclusion Clinic and destroys supplies. They later make love.

CA officers discover the Hairy hideout and massacre everyone inside.

Darana banishes Jarli from the tribe for disobedience.

Charlotte goes to Slade’s lab and begs Slade to stop his research. She realizes that Slade plans to extract the fetus and stabs him in the neck with a scalpel when he tries to restrain her.

Waruu plunges a blade into the liquefied sap, infusing the blade with a blue light. Without consulting Frith, he tells the press that the Department of Human Safety is making inclusion compulsory for all subhumans.

Koen picks up Nerida at Dolan’s house. They drive to the hideout and find everyone dead, except for Linda.

Alinta sneaks out of Waruu’s house after Dolan deactivates her ankle tag. Waruu later traces her to Dolan’s house and arrests Dolan for harboring Hairy sympathizers. He forces Nerida and Alinta to come with him.

Jarli and Latani sneak into Bennelong House to evacuate the included Hairies. Latani reunites with Araluen. Koen transforms into a falcon and flies to Bennelong House as CA officers swarm the building. Koen offers to distract the CA while Araluen leads the Hairies out through a secret escape route. Jarli refuses to flee.

Koen walks outside and surrenders himself to Waruu in exchange for an agreement to negotiate a treaty with the Hairies.

Waruu takes Koen to an abandoned factory and stabs him in the chest with the blue blade. Koen knocks Waruu down with his blue light then sucks Waruu’s muya into his mouth. Koen sinks to his knees.

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