Starring Iain Glen (Game of Thrones), Frances O'Connor (The Missing), Hunter Page-Lochard (The Sapphires) and Rob Collins
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Cleverman Recap: Episode 206 (Borrowed Time)


After his death, Slade walks through a vast darkness.

Charlotte tells Waruu that Slade was planning to remove her fetus and reveals that the baby is Hairy. Waruu agrees not to tell anyone.

Alone in Slade’s lab, Waruu plunges a blade into the liquefied sap, infusing the blade with a blue light.

Back home, Charlotte packs a bag for the baby.

Audie leaves Koen to return to the Hairy hideout while Koen deals with Waruu.

Latani smuggles a spear to Jarli in the woods. He offers to help her find Araluen.

Koen looks for Waruu at his house and reunites with Alinta. She draws a map to Dolan’s house to find Nerida.

Frith and Waruu review footage of Koen’s attack on the Inclusion Clinic. Frith criticizes Waruu for failing to capture Koen and refuses to reopen the clinic.

Without consulting Frith, Waruu tells the press that the Department of Human Safety is making inclusion compulsory for all subhumans. He declares that all subhumans will be arrested and escorted to the clinic.

Koen finds Nerida at Dolan’s house and they pack supplies to bring to the Hairy hideout. Nerida tells Koen that Dolan is hacking the Containment Authority system to deactivate Alinta’s security tag.

Dolan uses Hendricks’ ID card to access Alinta’s record at the CA center.

Charlotte leaves her house and throws her phone into the ocean.

Jarli and Latani make their way back toward the city.

Koen and Nerida drive to the hideout. Inside, Koen finds Linda sobbing next to a pile of the dead Hairies.

Frith watches a news report about Waruu’s announcement.

On a large screen in the city, Audie sees “wanted” footage of Koen and herself at the clinic.

Dolan deactivates Alinta’s security tag. Alinta notices that her tag is deactivated and later sneaks out of the house.

Jarli, Latani and Riwarri, a Bindawu warrior, run up to Bennelong House and kill a CA guard. They begin to evacuate the included Hairies, despite Yani’s protests. Latani reunites with Araluen.

Koen, Nerida and Linda cautiously drive through the city. Koen sees Hendricks in a passing van and recognizes the moment as a premonition from one of his visions. He gets out of the car and transforms into a falcon.

Frith watches footage of Jarli’s crew at Bennelong House and approves an officer’s request for reinforcements.

Nerida finds Alinta waiting for her at Dolan’s house.

Waruu discovers that Alinta has fled. Officer Farugia at the CA informs him that they reactivated Alinta’s tag and that she’s currently at the home of a CA officer.

Waruu storms into Dolan’s house and arrests Dolan for harboring Hairy sympathizers. He forces Nerida and Alinta to come with him, leaving Linda alone at the dinner table.

Koen flies to Bennelong House as CA officers swarm the building.

Jarli starts to lead the Hairies out of the building but retreats when CA snipers open fire, killing a Hairy.

Frith tells Lucia that she wants Jarli taken alive for questioning.

Koen returns to his human form once inside Bennelong House. Jarli stabs him but his wound heals.

Frith threatens to fire Waruu if he doesn’t capture Koen alive. Waruu goes to Bennelong House and instructs the CA to hold their fire. Jarli walks outside and declares that his tribe will take the land back from humans. Waruu spots Koen in a window.

The next morning, Waruu tells the CA to move in on the Hairies without shooting.

Jarli vows to kill all the CA officers, but Koen argues that the humans would retaliate against his tribe. Koen offers to distract the CA while Araluen leads the Hairies out through a secret escape route. Jarli refuses to flee.

Koen walks outside and offers to surrender if the government agrees to negotiate a treaty with the Hairies. Waruu shakes his hand in agreement. Koen has a vision of Waruu breaking his nulla nulla and of Frith shaking Jarli’s hand at a public ceremony.

The Hairies escape through a tunnel. Meanwhile, Jarli stands on the roof and gazes upon the city.

Waruu takes Koen to an abandoned factory and attacks him with the blue blade. He slices Koen’s nulla nulla in half and stabs him in the chest. Koen emits a blue light at Waruu, knocking him down. He then emits another blue light, revealing Waruu’s muya flying through the air. Koen sucks Waruu’s muya into his mouth. “No!” Waruu screams. Koen sinks to his knees.

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