Starring Iain Glen (Game of Thrones), Frances O'Connor (The Missing), Hunter Page-Lochard (The Sapphires) and Rob Collins
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Cleverman Recap: Episode 204 (Muya)


Waruu nudges Koen’s lifeless body on his kitchen floor. Koen springs to life, grabs his nulla nulla and flees. The wound on his throat heals, but only partially.

Jarli leads Charlotte through the woods.

Slade shows footage of Jarli’s attack to McIntyre. McIntyre vows to track Jarli down.

Jarli brings Charlotte to his camp and tells Darana that she’s carrying a Hairy child. Darana orders Jarli to kill her.

Waruu watches a news report about low enrollment numbers at the Inclusion Initiative clinic. Frith asks for an update on the creature with the blue light. Waruu assures her he is looking into it.

Koen returns to the hideout and tells Harry that Waruu tried to kill him. He vows to stop Waruu from hurting Hairies.

Koen confronts Linda about killing his parents. Linda tearfully apologizes but Koen storms off and screams at Jimmy for lying to him his whole life.

McIntyre informs Slade that Jarli and Charlotte were last seen by security cameras heading west into the mountains. He says they would need an army to find them.

Araluen tells Boondee that she understands why he went to the Inclusion clinic. Boondee clarifies that he was forced to take the serum against his will.

Frith tells Waruu that Hairy enrollment numbers have dropped and that the public views him unfavorably. She orders him to improve his public image immediately.

Containment Authority officers capture Nerida, Alinta and Latani as they flee through the streets. Dolan and Hendricks arrive as backup.

Koen informs Linda that anyone who gets caught in his blue blast loses their muya. Linda realizes that she will not be able to reunite with her ancestors once the cancer kills her.

Dolan tries to convince Hendricks to release Nerida, Alinta and Latani, and reveals that he slept with Nerida. Hendricks confiscates Dolan’s gun and orders him into the vehicle.

Jarli ties up Charlotte and leaves her in the woods.

Hendricks agrees to let Nerida go free with Dolan but insists on taking Alinta and Latani in for processing.

Slade shows footage of Jarli’s attack to Frith and says Charlotte was last seen heading for the mountains. He threatens to publicize the footage, as well as footage of Koen’s attack on citizens, unless she helps him. He reveals that McIntyre has been giving him access to CA security cameras.

After Slade leaves, Frith tells Lucia to find out who gave the Koen footage to Slade, starting with Waruu.

Waruu shaves his body at home.

Dolan stops by the CA office and asks Officer Farugia to call him when they’ve finished interviewing Alinta.

Koen tells Linda that he has the power to restore her muya, but only after she is dead. Linda asks him to kill her, restore her muya, then revive her. He agrees to try but warns her that Waruu impaired his healing powers.

Hendricks takes Latani to a remote location to execute her. She beats him up and escapes.

Koen and Linda return to the parking lot where she was hit by the blue light. Koen releases the blue light to recreate the moment of impact. As Linda flies through the air, he sucks her muya into his mouth. He then strangles the real Linda and breathes the muya into her mouth. Linda comes back to life.

Latani flees into the mountains.

Harah, a Bindawu woman, examines Charlotte and confirms that the baby is Hairy. Darana begrudgingly agrees to protect the baby and tells Charlotte she will stay with them.

Yani drinks tea with Araluen in Boondee’s apartment and recounts how fearless she felt the day she left the clinic without her Hairy attributes.

Frith asks Waruu for another update on the creature with the blue light. He tells her he’s investigating a new lead and leaves. Frith finds a strand of Waruu’s body hair on the table.

Slade shows Waruu the footage of Jarli’s attack at his home. Waruu reveals his lump of sap and says it’s capable of damaging the nulla nulla that Slade stole from Koen. The CA calls Waruu to inform him that they have Alinta. Slade convinces Waruu to loan him the sap.

At the CA center, Waruu orders Officer Farugia to place Alinta under house arrest and release her. He reunites with Alinta in her cell and takes her home with a security tag on her ankle.

At the hideout, Audie notes that Linda is in great spirits.

Linda tells Koen that she became crazy with jealousy when she learned of his father’s infidelity. She tells Koen that his mother went into labor immediately after the crash and that he was born on-site at the accident.

Waruu shows Alinta to her room.

Koen paints his face, dons his nulla nulla and conceals his face with fabric. He strides out of the hideout.

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