Starring Iain Glen (Game of Thrones), Frances O'Connor (The Missing), Hunter Page-Lochard (The Sapphires) and Rob Collins
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Cleverman Recap: Episode 201 (Revival)


McIntyre delivers Koen‘s corpse to Slade in a body bag. A light emanates from the bag as Slade unzips it. A bird emerges and flies outside, where it transforms into Koen. Koen looks down at his body and sees that it’s riddled with bullet holes.

The Containment Authority transports a group of Zone residents, human and Hairy, through the outskirts of the city. Jarli, a mysterious Hairy, attacks the convoy with a spear and kills a number of CA officers. Nerida, Alinta and Latani escape but Djukara is killed in the fray.

Ben Curtis, the Government’s Chief of Staff, appoints Marion Frith as the new Minister for Human Safety to mitigate fallout from the convoy attack as well as from leaked footage of Minister Matthews having sex with a Hairy. Frith agrees to play damage control but refuses to step down after the upcoming election, as Curtis had hoped. She also demands complete oversight of all departments, including the CA.

Dr. Mitchell gives Charlotte an ultrasound and attributes her recent fainting spell to fatigue. Slade privately tells Dr. Mitchell that they may need to remove the fetus before 24 weeks, despite the risk factors.

Waruu confronts Slade about destroying the Zone despite their plans to reclaim the land. Slade informs Waruu that Koen escaped and demands to know his whereabouts.

Frith fires McIntyre as head of the CA and orders her assistant, Lucia, to redirect their search for escaped subhumans.

Slade gives Waruu the keys to Uncle Jimmy‘s city house and urges Waruu to finish what they started. Waruu accepts the keys and takes up residence in Jimmy’s house.

Tim Dolan gets knocked unconscious while investigating a noise outside his home. He wakes up in his house and finds Nerida, Alinta and Latani in the room.

Frith watches footage of the convoy attack.

Slade injects himself with the Hairy serum then tests his strength in his home gym.

Frith tells the press that subhumans are at large in the city after a recent security breach. She declares a state of emergency and implements a curfew.

Koen successfully passes through a military checkpoint after guards scan his face and ID card.

Koen finds Aunty Linda at his bar and asks what happened in the Zone. She tells him that the CA fired on the Zone, forcing residents to surrender. She informs Koen that Blair was killed during the attack.

Nerida takes Dolan’s car keys but decides to stay put after he reminds her that road blocks have been set up around the city.

Slade and McIntyre secretly access the CA’s security feed and trace Koen to a city checkpoint.

Koen looks for Hairy survivors at the convoy ambush site. He runs into Mungo, a young Hairy, who brings him and Aunty Linda to an abandoned building where Hairy survivors are hiding out.

Slade meets with Frith, who reminds him that she has terminated his company’s contract with the CA. Slade demonstrates a portable ID scanner that detects Hairy DNA but stipulates that Waruu, his Hairy “cultural expert,” would need to be part of a contract for the devices. Frith agrees to buy 500 scanners but refuses to employ Waruu. She calls out Slade’s attempt to regain influence with the CA.

Waruu attacks a human who taunts him at a bar. At home, he finds hair growing on his chest and hands.

Dolan acts surprised that Nerida leaves her daughter alone with a Hairy. Latani tells Dolan that Hairies could easily destroy humans, but they don’t.

Slade examines Koen’s nulla nulla at his lab.

At the Hairy hideout, Harry tells Koen that fewer than half the Hairies survived the convoy battle. Koen and Aunty Linda return to the bar and stock up on liquor and beer to sell for medical supplies. They find Mungo hiding in their car and reluctantly agree to let him accompany them.

Jarli walks through the woods and hides his clothes in a tree.

Slade takes Waruu to his lab and explains that he can no longer obtain Hairy subjects without access to the CA. Waruu recognizes Boondee on a lab table and quietly tells Boondee that together they will change the way Hairies live. “Then you will respect me,” Waruu says. He orders Slade to arrange another meeting with Frith.

Mungo waits in the car while Koen and Aunty Linda shop for supplies. Human bullies spot him in the car and violently beat him. Koen knocks the bullies down with a blast of his psychic energy but he’s too late: Mungo is dead.

Jarli walks through the woods with his spear.

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