Starring Iain Glen (Game of Thrones), Frances O'Connor (The Missing), Hunter Page-Lochard (The Sapphires) and Rob Collins
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“CLEVERMAN” Recap: Episode 106 (Terra Nullius)


Charlotte (Frances O’Connor) is concerned about the rapid growth of her fetus, but Slade (Iain Glen) comforts her.

Blair (Ryan Corr) gives Kora (Alexis Lane) Ash’s (Stef Dawson) ashes and asks her to take Ash “somewhere beautiful” as Koen (Hunter Page-Lochard) and Kora head off to the old fig tree.

Nerida (Jada Alberts) tells Waruu (Rob Collins) she wants him out of the house, but he ignores her. Aunty Linda (Deborah Mailman) finds Nerida sobbing outside and comforts her.

Charlotte starts experiencing uterine pain and calls the clinic Slade took her to but finds the number unlisted.

Aunty Linda confronts Waruu over his misbehavior. He blasts her in return, blaming her for killing his father in an accidental car crash while she was driving high. She warns him that whatever he wants is not worth killing for. As parting words, he tells her he’s glad she has cancer.

All humans are ordered out of the Zone as Minister Matthews (Andrew McFarlane) orders the Containment Authority to prepare to exterminate the Hairies and raze the zone.

Slade gives Waruu a thumb drive he says is all Waruu needs to take down Matthews, but reminds Waruu of his promise to deliver Koen and asks him to hurry.

The Hairies prepare for war, braiding their hair ritually and stocking up on weapons as humans are evacuated from the Zone.

Alinta (Tamala Shelton) refuses to leave Latani (Rarriwuy Hick) with the other humans, but Latani refuses to let her stay. Ultimately despite her own fears, Nerida tells Latani to leave the Zone with them in disguise.

Koen takes Kora to the fig tree, where Kora tells him he can hear his mother talking to him, along with his other ancestors, if he listens. They say goodbye and Koen sends Kora back to the spirit realm with a ritual.

Waruu shows the contents of Slade’s thumb drive to Belinda (Leeanna Walsman): hidden camera video of Matthews with Araluen (Tasma Walton). Belinda tells Waruu that Slade owns the Containment Authority, a private company contracted by the government, and warns him to question Slade’s motives.

Waruu calls Koen and meets him at the fig tree, sharing everything he knows about Slade including Slade’s request to deliver Koen and the fact that Ash’s murderer works for the man. Koen agrees to pay Slade a visit and take revenge.

Charlotte visits the clinic, only to find a bustling dermatologist’s office whose receptionist claims has been at that location for years.

Araluen sees Latani among the crowd on the news and chokes Matthews to death during his latest visit. She escapes the brothel and disguises herself in a hoody.

As they arrive at Slade’s compound, Waruu asks for Koen’s gun, pointing out that Koen is unkillable and Waruu isn’t. Koen reluctantly hands it over.

Charlotte calls Slade, telling her the clinic doesn’t exist and something is wrong with the baby and begging him to hurry home. He tells her not to worry and hangs up on her as Koen and Waruu arrive.

Koen blames Slade for Ash’s death and strikes him with his nulla nulla. Slade fights back with superhuman strength, beating Koen senseless. Waruu holds Slade at gunpoint and seems to consider his options, but Slade offers Waruu a hit of his Hairy-extracted super-soldier serum and finally convinces Waruu to partner with Slade.

Djukara (Tysan Towney) spots Blair bumming around the Zone and takes him to a remote spot to shoot him, but ultimately decides the killing won’t “solve anything” and spares him.

Waruu injects himself with the serum. Meanwhile Aunty Linda burns her possessions on her lawn. Maliyan (Adam Briggs) drags Blair out to the border and announces he’s going to publicly execute him for his crimes against the Hairies. Before Maliyan can kill Blair, Waruu shoots Maliyan dead.

Slade straps Koen down to a slab and interrogates him for access to the Dreaming. Koen knocks Slade back with a blast of psychic energy.

Waruu tries to unite the people of the Zone behind him and his new plan, but the mania, fury and arrogance on display turn the crowd against him.

Linda wanders into the building where Waruu is addressing the crowd and is followed by the Namorrodor. Waruu attempts to defeat the creature, first with the nulla nulla and then with his gun, but the Namorrodor is unharmed. Koen shows up and picks up the fallen nulla nulla. After an intense battle, Koen stabs the creature with the club and seems to obliterate it.

Koen fills some of the leadership vacuum left by Maliyan’s death and Waruu’s disgrace as the Hairies and few remaining humans barricade the Zone in preparation to fight the invading Containment Authority.

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