Starring Iain Glen (Game of Thrones), Frances O'Connor (The Missing), Hunter Page-Lochard (The Sapphires) and Rob Collins
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“CLEVERMAN” Recap: Episode 105 (A Man of Vision)


At his lab, Jarrod Slade (Iain Glen) is thrilled by new results. Later he takes Charlotte (Frances O’Connor) to the lab, now outfitted as a phony fertility clinic, where she undergoes an experimental procedure in hopes of conceiving.

The Slades have Nerida (Jada Alberts) and Waruu (Rob Collins) over for dinner and after a positive pregnancy test an overjoyed Charlotte can’t help herself from sharing the news with Nerida.

Koen (Hunter Page-Lochard), Kora (Alexis Lane) and Blair (Ryan Corr) watch the bar from across the street and are surprised to see no police or Containment Authority presence. Blair impulsively rushes back in and Koen follows. They find Ash’s (Stef Dawson) body reduced to actual ashes and collect them in a box. There’s no sign of McIntyre (Mansoor Noor).

Slade offers Waruu thirty million dollars with which he can rebuild his community in exchange for helping deliver Koen to Slade.

McIntyre, alive and only superficially injured, tells Minister Matthews (Andrew McFarlane) he staged the prison guard’s murder, to dissuade the bloodthirsty Matthews from unleashing intense violence on Hairy protesters who are clashing with CA officers at the border of the Zone. Waruu’s Uncle Max (Trevor Jamieson) is beaten and maced by officers during the fracas.

Blair confronts Koen over his suspicions that Koen knew Ash was going to die. Blair traces Koen’s history of selfish duplicity back to the beginning of their relationship, when they met as homeless teens. Blair further accuses Koen of sleeping with Ash behind his back, refusing to go any further until Koen admits it. Koen finally does admit it and he, Blair and Kora leave the bar.

A prostitute accidentally leaves a cellphone in Araluen’s room and Araluen (Tasma Walton) hides it. When the prostitute returns to accuse Araluen and get it back, Araluen claims the other woman must have lost it and Frankie (Rhondda Findleton) believes her.

After treating Uncle Max, Charlotte confronts the CA officers and anti-Hairy protesters, shouting, “You’re the ones that are subhuman!” as they pelt her with garbage.

Koen and Blair take Kora to Aunty Linda (Deborah Mailman), who seems to understand the unknown language she speaks and senses she is “some kind of ancestral spirit.” Linda tells Koen he must take Kora to an old fig tree where Uncle Jimmy (Jack Charles) used to take Koen and Waruu as kids to send her back to her dimension.

Charlotte becomes concerned when she experiences uterine pains and notices on an ultrasound that her fetus is developing incredibly quickly.

Nerida demands to know what Slade wants in exchange for his money and Waruu is cagey. Before she can dig deeper, Waruu’s mother shows up to tell him Koen is next door.

Koen asks Waruu what he knows about Slade and McIntyre. Waruu tells him his first priority should be killing the namorrodor and offers to help. The half-brothers build a fire on the shore to lure the beast like Jimmy did, and Waruu tells Koen to forget his gun in favor of the nulla nulla, or ritual club, Jimmy gave him. Waruu recites Jimmy’s chant.

Nerida searches the house for Waruu’s secrets, finds his body-cam and is horrified by the footage of Waruu murdering the prison guard.

Koen accuses Waruu of hoping the namorrodor kills Koen so the title of Cleverman passes to Waruu. The boys open old wounds, Waruu calling Koen’s mother a “whore”, and the two end up fighting. Koen ultimately manages to knock Waruu out with his nulla nulla.

Djukara (Tysan Towney) spots Koen in the Zone and quietly follows him.

Nerida confronts a bloodied Waruu over the tape, Slade, and his general behavior, telling him she doesn’t know who he is anymore.

Djukara corners Koen at gunpoint. Koen goads Djukara until he shoots Koen in the throat. Djukara flees as Koen heals.

Koen visits Aunty Linda and tells her what he did to Djukara’s family, expressing remorse over Jyra’s (Val Weldon) death for the first time.

Minister Matthews calls Slade and tells him to order McIntyre to back off and carry out Matthews’ directives to “cleanse” the Zone and exterminate all Hairies. Matthews assures Araluen that she will be spared and he plans to buy her from Frankie.

A young Hairy child is suffering from a mysterious illness. After Linda sees the symptoms, she gets Koen and tells him to conduct a “smoking ceremony” for the child. Despite initial reluctance, he agrees. When Djukara sees him alive and unharmed, Koen just sardonically remarks, “I know, right?”

Koen burns leaves, successfully performing the ceremony and exorcising a spirit from the child’s body. Koen sees the spirit in physical form: it’s Jyra. He cries and begs her for forgiveness before she disappears.

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