Starring Iain Glen (Game of Thrones), Frances O'Connor (The Missing), Hunter Page-Lochard (The Sapphires) and Rob Collins
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“CLEVERMAN” Recap: Episode 104 (Sun and Moon)


An unearthly creature, seen only in shadow, kills a woman resting on the porch of a retirement community. The next day’s news reveal that she was one of several victims, who all had their hearts ripped out.

Waruu (Rob Collins) and Nerida (Jada Alberts) debate Waruu’s plan to bring Slade’s news crew into the Zone to show the public that Hairies are just like humans.

At Slade’s secret experimental lab, a young test subject infused with Hairy DNA performs superhuman feats of athleticism. Slade (Iain Glen) and McIntyre (Mansoor Noor), observing, are pleased until the young man’s heart gives out.

Alinta (Tamala Shelton) calls Belinda Frosche (Leeanna Walsman) a slut while watching the news with her father, revealing her knowledge of Waruu’s infidelity. Both are reluctant to discuss the subject, but Alinta gives Waruu an ultimatum that if he doesn’t tell Nerida, she will.

Waruu visits Koen (Hunter Page-Lochard) at his bar and draws him a picture of the murderous creature, demanding that Koen hunt it down, his duty as Cleverman. Koen scoffs and tells Waruu he doesn’t believe in mythical creatures. After hours, however, Koen broods over Waruu’s drawing. Ash (Stef Dawson) asks about it and Koen explains that the creature, called the Namorrodor, eats human hearts according to legend.

Charlotte (Frances O’Connor) approaches Slade about a new fertility clinic she’s discovered that uses modified DNA from plants to achieve a 95% success rate. Slade seems to balk at reversing their decision not to keep trying. Then he has an idea, phones his lab and tells his technician to try the same technique with Hairy DNA. The technician takes a swab from Slade’s Hairy test subject, who turns out to be none other than Boondee (Tony Briggs), strapped down to a slab for experimentation.

Djukara (Tysan Towney) borrows a gun from Maliyan (Adam Briggs), the hawkish Hairy from Djukara’s clan who donated blood to save him, telling Maliyan he needs to find his father. Alinta sees this happen and convinces Djukara to make at least some effort to hide his identity by shaving if he’s going to risk leaving the Zone.

Blair (Ryan Corr) and Ash catch the spirit-girl, who Blair starts calling Kora (Alexis Lane), going through Koen’s personal things, including old family photos. Blair tells Ash that Koen’s mother was killed in a hit-and-run car accident before Koen was even born.

Waruu visits Minister Matthews’ office and is asked to wait. While the prime minister rapes Araluen, Waruu gets a call from Slade, telling him Slade’s sending Belinda in to cover the positively-slanted Zone story. Waruu calls Belinda and tells her to meet him at the checkpoint in 20 minutes, telling the minister’s secretary he has to reschedule their meeting.

Slade volunteers himself as the first human test subject on the newly perfected, Hairy DNA-based serum and delightedly performs feats of superhuman athleticism with ease.

Djukara and Alinta visit the CA prison facility and find it abandoned. Djukara is devastated, assuming the prisoners have all been murdered.

Waruu is kidnapped by CA agents and locked in a room with photographic evidence of his participation in the prison raid.

Belinda gets impatient with Waruu’s disappearance and heads into the Zone on her own. Locals lead her to Nerida, who offers to take her to the Hairy precinct.

McIntyre interrogates Waruu, threatening to turn the security photos in to law enforcement. Waruu calls the bluff, pointing out that he was wearing a body-cam and can prove the supposedly Hairy-style killing was faked. At that moment Slade calls McIntyre and tells him to hurry to collect “the package” needed for the next phase of his experiments.

Nerida sends Belinda to talk to the Hairymen. Maliyan recognizes Belinda from the news and nearly kills her, until Latani (Rarriwuy Hick) points out that doing so will bring a surge of anti-Hairy violence upon them. Belinda thanks Latani, but Latani tells Belinda she hates her more than anyone for standing by and filming as Latani’s sister was killed.

When Waruu gets home, Nerida confronts him, revealing that Alinta shared the news about his cheating before Belinda arrived. Nerida warns Waruu he’s close to losing everything.

McIntyre shows up at the bar and holds Ash at gunpoint, demanding Kora. Koen agrees and calls Kora, but McIntyre doesn’t release Ash, explaining that he needs Koen too. Blair shoots McIntyre, who falls, but McIntyre’s gun goes off and Ash is hit. Koen and Kora try to save her with magic, but Ash dies and Koen flees the scene, dragging Kora and a devastated Blair with him.

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