Johannes WeinrichPlayed by Alexander Sheer

A German terrorist with close ties to the Stasi, Weinrich founded the Revolutionary Cells with Wilfried Böse. They also co-founded the extreme-left bookshop in Frankfurt, “Roter Stern” (Red Star). After the Vienna hostage taking and the expulsion of Carlos from the PFLP, Weinrich became the Venezuelan’s right-hand man as he sought to establish himself in Eastern Europe. Weinrich introduced his girlfriend, Magdalena Kopp, to Carlos. ”Heinrich Schneider” – his name in the Stasi archives – would become the intermediary for Carlos’ group not only in East Berlin but also in Budapest, Bucharest and Prague. Well-connected in Yemen, as well as in Libya, Weinrich was arrested in a suburb of Aden on 3 June 1995, and extradited to Germany. In 2000, he was sentenced to life imprisonment for an attack on the Maison de France in Berlin on 25 August 1983, which left one dead and twenty-two injured. He is currently serving his sentence in Germany.