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Episode 2: Struggle


Jayda remains in jail as Creep struggles to take care of his and Jayda’s children, while his boss at Integrity House, a respected therapeutic center, contacts authorities on her behalf. Mayor Booker attends public ceremonies relating to trade and housing, and faces skepticism and criticism at a community meeting in the city’s middle-class North Ward. Business Administrator Michelle Thomas lays out the grim facts about the city’s budget for Mayor Booker. At the regular CompStat (crime statistics) meeting, Garry delivers good news about the homicide numbers, and Mayor Booker joins Governor Corzine to announce a new state program to help ex-offenders find regular employment. Jayda’s plans for a nonprofit mentoring group are gaining steam, but her relationship with Creep is headed for crisis. And though the number of homicides may be down, senseless murders continue to occur, bringing with them anguish and rage.