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Episode 3: Central


It is July, and the word comes down that Newark’s new Central High School building – now nearly 10 years and $100 million in the making – may not be ready for the start of the school year. It’s a development that leaves everyone angry, and it’s up to Principal Ras Baraka and Vice Principal Todd Warren to prepare contingency plans and maintain morale among students, parents and staff. Creep and Jayda reconcile, and Jayda meets with the straight-talking, savvy defense lawyer Brooke Barnett about her pending criminal case. At City Hall, all departments are grappling with cost-cutting necessities, and a sign in Mayor Booker’s office says it all: “We are in a budget crisis.” But the life of the city goes on, with an opening parade for a renovated park, a back-to-school fair and other activities. As the school year begins Central High opens. Camaraderie and serious discussions share the agenda at overnights given by Principal Baraka and Vice Principal Warren for Central High’s freshman boys, and by Jayda for her young female mentees.