Breaking Bad

Season 4


Open House - Episode 3

Events spiral out of control; Skyler asks for Saul's help; Marie returns to an old past time.


Shotgun - Episode 5

Jesse goes missing; Skyler has an unlikely reunion; Hank shares some bad news.


Cornered - Episode 6

Skyler makes a discovery; Walter Jr. pushes his dad into a purchase; Jesse offers Mike some help.


Hermanos - Episode 8

Skyler develops a solution for her money troubles; Hank enlists Walt to investigate a theory.


Bug - Episode 9

Skyler's mistakes come back to haunt her; Gus takes action against his rivals.


Salud - Episode 10

Walt's family worries when he doesn't show up for Walt Jr's birthday; Jesse lab skills are tested.


Crawl Space - Episode 11

Walt takes drastic action to protect his secret; Skyler's efforts to solve Ted's problems stop.


End Times - Episode 12

Hank pushes Gomez to pursue a lead; Walt struggles to protect his family; Jesse gets alarming news.