Breaking Bad

Favorite Scenes of Bryan Cranston and Four “BREAKING BAD” Castmates

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If you’re a serious Breaking Bad fan, you can probably list a slew of your favorite scenes from the series. But does your taste align with that of the cast’s? Five of the actors share their favorites moments in the list below.

1. Bryan Cranston (Walt): The Classroom Scenes
“I enjoy the classroom scenes,” says Cranston, “because it gives me an opportunity to enrich and solidify my character so audiences can see what was once a passion of mine. I’m a good teacher, and if anyone is prepared to listen, they might get as excited about chemistry as I once was.” He adds, “There are moments like when he’s getting lost in talking about Chirality and all of a sudden, in trying to make them understand, it’s like left right, good bad—he catches himself, realizing, ‘Oh Christ. That’s me.’”

2. Anna Gunn (Skyler): The Fight from S5, Ep. 4 “Fifty-One”
“It ended up as a dance,” says Gunn, “with Bryan pursuing me all around the room. It was really like I was a trapped animal that was Bryan’s prey. It was one of my favorite scenes ever in anything I’ve ever done.”

3. Betsy Brandt (Marie): Hank Ends His Career from S3, Ep. 7 “One Minute”
“Marie is so upset and she thinks it’s so unfair,” explains Brandt. “I love how they love each other, and I love how they lean on each other. On this show, it’s great because there’s so many dark, disheartening things. People talk about how hard it was during his rehabilitation; how he wasn’t really nice to Marie.” She adds, “But I thought that was really beautiful too, because he knew he could be like that with her and she would still love him.”

4. RJ Mitte (Walter Jr.): The Intervention from S1, Ep. 5 “Gray Matter”
RJ Mitte loved cussing out his fake father in this scene because his real grandma was there. “She was sitting in her chair and watching me film, and her face when I called my dad a pussy…When anyone says a bad word in my family, my little sister says, ‘Pop your mouth!’ It’s like to hit your mouth. And so we filmed that scene so many times and my grandma was cringing. Every time I got off the set she said, ‘Pop your mouth!’ But having my family there was really great. They’re a great support. I don’t see how anyone in the acting business could do it by themselves without their family.”

5. Aaron Paul (Jesse): Jesse Wants to Kill Walt from S4, Ep. 12 “End Times”
“This scene is incredibly powerful to me because everything Jesse screams out in this scene was the truth,” says Paul. “It was easy for me to perform because I truly already had all of those feelings bottled up from all of the previous seasons and it was a nice way for me to let it all out. Walt was behind all of it and all Jesse had to do was pull the trigger. Walt, of course, talked him out of it and convinced him that he had it all wrong. Walt is a master puppeteer and Jesse was just on one of his many strings. What a bastard.”