Breaking Bad

5 Fun Facts to Share With Newbies to “BREAKING BAD”

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If you’re sitting with a few friends who are new to BREAKING BAD and catching it for the first time on SundanceTV, you’ll probably want to drop some insider-y commentary periodically during the encores just so they know, YOU are a hardcore fan. We’re here to help you solidify your reputation.

1. Who Walter White Would Be as a Muppet
According to Vince Gilligan, the show’s creator, if Walt was a muppet he would be Beaker. “Either him or one of the two old guys who were always up in the balcony making fun of everybody,” says Gilligan. Picture Beaker during those early meth-making scenes. Then watch as the shy, long-suffering assistant convincingly transforms into Waldorf, a grumpy old man, heckling those around him.

2. Krysten Ritter Knew Greatness Before Jessica Jones
Before she knew stardom on Netflix, Krysten Ritter had appeared on Breaking Bad as a love interest for Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul). She even takes on the identity of a superhero called “Apology Girl” in Season 2. Foreshadowing much? Per Ritter: “This part came to me in a really perfect time when I was falling in love in my real life, and I was bringing a lot of that to Jane. So I was getting to play real love with Aaron Paul.”

3. Vince Gilligan Sacrificed His Mother on the Show
Gilligan is a man who will do whatever it takes to keep you entertained. At the end of Season 4, his mother makes an appearance on the show as Rebecca Simmons, Walt’s next-door neighbor. And let’s just say a sweet old lady is no match for ABQ’s most wanted.

4. Edgar Allen Poe Gets a Major Nod
Told using only two characters and one location, the unusual episode “Fly” was inspired by Poe’s classic short story “The Tell-Tale Heart. Admits Gilligan, “Poe means a lot to me personally… “He’s one of those writers I really wish I could meet using a time machine.”

5. Great Pizza Toss Ahead
How do you get a pizza, that is still in the pizza box, to fly out of the box as you throw it, and land face up on the roof of a house? Bryan Cranston reveales “There was a prop guy ready to pull a fake pizza up to the roof. We had all kinds of things ready to go. But I said, let me just try it. So, I’m coming out and I’m pissed and I fling the pizza and I didn’t even look at it. I fling the pizza and I get in the car and I drive away. And I did all that and I hear clapping as I’m driving back. I look up and there’s the pizza. They said if they had marked where would be the optimal place for the pizza to land, it would be where it landed.”