Stars, writers and producers from shows like "The Good Wife" and "Modern Family" discuss making great TV.

Episode 2: Scandal

Kerry Washington discusses how much of herself is in the character Olivia Pope in Scandal. The cast reveals their favorite lines from past seasons.


Popular talk show host Jimmy Kimmel (Jimmy Kimmel Live!) gets the cast of Scandal to open up and share stories they’ve never told before. Kerry Washington discusses the intensity of shooting scenes that are ripped from the pages of real life, specifically those inspired by the gunning down of unarmed African Americans by law enforcement. Washington and her castmates express their admiration for the show’s creator, Shonda Rimes, whose obsession with secrecy is legendary: actors are kept in the dark about their characters’ arcs and don’t see episodic scripts until a few days before shooting. The castmates reveal their favorite lines from past seasons, as well as their subversive sides. Joshua Malina admits to pulling a practical joke on Darby Stanchfield during several takes on set, which led the actress to break down and cry. Guillermo Diaz tells us how he came up with the bizarre speech patterns for his character Huck and discusses Huck’s penchant for licking his victims. This leads to a revelation by Tony Goldwyn about a crazy fan who licked him on the neck while taking a picture with Goldwyn. All the while, Katie Lowes continually interrupts the proceedings to live-tweet during the broadcast.