Stars, writers and producers from shows like "The Good Wife" and "Modern Family" discuss making great TV.

Episode 5: Jane the Virgin

Gina Rodriguez reveals how special it was to represent the Latin American community in winning a Golden Globe Award for Jane the Virgin.


An emotional Gina Rodriguez reveals how special it was to win a Golden Globe Award for her performance as Jane Villaneuva, its impact on her Latin American fans, and what it meant for her extended family. Andrea Navedo shares her excitement about representing a positive role model for single mothers. The cast revels in the show’s strong writing, message of tolerance, and the powerful family bond of their characters, all of which also drew Jennie Snyder Urman to the project as a showrunner. Discussing the rabidness of fans, Yael Grobglas explains that she is often stopped on the street by people who revile her character so much, they expect her to “strangle small animals” in real life, while Jaime Camil talks about why the color lavender is the “most manly of purples.” The actors share their favorite lines from the series and the most memorable tweets from fans. And while their relationship has always been non-sexual, Justin lets it slip that he hopes his character Rafael can get to know Gina’s title character a little more intimately on future episodes.