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“BEHIND THE STORY” Recap: “Girls”

Girls producer Judd Apatow hosts a panel of the series’ talented cast and crew on this week’s BEHIND THE STORY.

Apatow gets started by asking creator/star Lena Dunham how she’s dealt with the huge amount of negative and positive feedback the polarizing series has received. The woman behind Girls explains, ”We spend all year long working on this show. Whether we’re receiving praise or receiving criticism, we’re together as a team trying to push the ball forward and tell stories about these characters that we’ve come to love so much. So it feels like I have a really stable, delightful family who are sort of sheltering me. We’re all encouraging each other to continue on and our focus really remains on the work.”

Co-showrunner Jenni Konner calls Alex Karpovsky’s character, Ray, “the voice of reason” on the series for criticizing the others’ outrageous behavior.

“One of Ray’s responsibilities, as I understood it back then, was to call the girls out before all the critics and everyone else had the chance to,” says Karpovsky. Apatow wonders what the actor thinks of Ray getting romantically involved with half of the series’ leads. “I didn’t see it coming at all!”

Konner raves about Lena’s ability to multitask as a director even while performing in intimate and demanding scenes. “She says ‘cut,’ and then she runs to the monitors in a t-shirt and underwear or whatever, and then watches it and goes back and says, ‘Hi Patricia! How was your night?’ to the makeup lady.”

An audience member asks Andrew Rannells (Girls‘ Elijah), “You know what I learned with The Book of Mormon, because I didn’t know that existed and that was an original thing,” Rannells replies. “Sometimes the unknown is the best!”

“Like a campsite, I’d like to leave the characters better than we found them,” Dunham concludes. “Something we talk about a lot is just really wanting to take these girls to the next phase of their life. Something that’s amazing about working not on a multi-cam sitcom is that we really are allowed to let these characters grow and develop and change. There are definitely fantasy storylines that we’re still working towards.”

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