A SundanceTV Original Series
From Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire), starring Brit Marling (Another Earth) and James Nesbitt (The Hobbit)

Cast & Characters

Brit Marling as Liz Garvey


Perched at the top of the PR field, Liz Garvey takes on the towering project of reforming the London Police Force’s tarnished public image.

Paterson Joseph as Charles Inglis


Slippery Assistant Commissioner Charles Inglis knows how to play the game. That’s how he got so close to the top.

Jonny Sweet as Tom Oliver


Soft-spoken aide Tom Oliver serves as assistant, sounding board, and occasional punching bag for Commissioner Miller.

Ella Smith as Mia


Mia knows where all the bodies are buried in the realpolitik world of the London Police Force and has found herself somewhat jaded as a result. 

Adam Deacon as Robbie


Robbie has dreams of bigger things. As an aspiring Authorized Firearms Officer, those dreams include car chases and gunfights.

Owain Arthur as Nobbo


Always ready with a dirty joke and a bout of merciless teasing, Nobbo is nonetheless highly capable and quick-witted.

Andrew Brooke as Banjo


Imposing Authorised Firearms Officer Neil “Banjo” Bancroft is more than meets the eye.

James Nesbitt as Richard Miller


Longtime head of the London Police Force, the authoritative but charming Commissioner Richard Miller looks and acts the part.

Nicola Walker as Sharon Franklin


Assistant Commissioner Franklin fields some of the force’s trickiest situations with unimpeachable skill and a penetrating glare.

Bertie Carvel as Finn Kirkwood


Liz Garvey’s bitterly sardonic Communications Deputy, this seasoned spin doctor paid his dues and expected to get the top job himself.

Jill Halfpenny as Davina


Tough-as-nails Territorial Support Group officer Davina cracks dirty jokes and cuts co-workers down with the best of them.

Cavan Clerkin as Clarkey


Territorial Support Group officer Clarkey is a married father and a hardworking grunt with a good head on his shoulders.

Nick Blood as Warwick


This traumatized Armed Response officer waded through the requisite river of scrutiny and came out the other side with his reputation intact. 

Daniel Kaluuya as Matt Coward


Documentarian Matt Coward has little respect for the London police and even less for the media to whom they feed juicy stories.