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From Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire), starring Brit Marling (Another Earth) and James Nesbitt (The Hobbit)

Who Would You Be in a Workplace Comedy? The Results Are Here

BABYLON. The Office. 30 Rock. Cheers. Park and Recreation. Television has not shortage of great workplace comedies. But how would you be cast in one? Wonder no more! The results are in and — surprise, surprise — it looks like 26% of you are “slackers.” Don’t fret. It was a close race! 23% of you are “overachievers.”

1. Slacker: 26%
2. Prude: 24%
3. Overachiever: 23%
4. Suck-Up: 15%
5. Hothead: 8%
6. Flirt: 4%

Want to see where you’d land or maybe try the quiz again? Take the workplace comedy personality test now.