A SundanceTV Original Series
From Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire), starring Brit Marling (Another Earth) and James Nesbitt (The Hobbit)

“BABYLON” Recap: Episode 5 (Hackney Wick)

Banjo, Tony and Warwick, on suspension after the shooting, let off steam massacring a group of unsuspecting actuaries in paintball. Meanwhile, Robbie visits the site of the shooting and stares at the victim’s bloodstain.

The communications department attends Miller’s funeral, where Finn tells Liz she’ll be relegated to a powerless role as a figurehead despite making herself un-fireable with her appearance on the news.

Finn and Inglis strategize for Inglis’ impending run for commissioner.

Clarkey, stationed with a few dozen TSG officers outside a department store to do crowd control for a Black Friday-style sale, complains that he feels they’re being used as rent-a-cops.

Liz spearheads the search for a missing child. After Sharon supports Liz’s unorthodox but savvy approach to publicizing the disappearance, Liz tells Mia to get her all available info on the female assistant commissioner.

A review board separately interviews each member of the firearms squad on the shooting. The men protect their own, but Tony mentions the incident with Robbie and his old schoolmate, downplaying its gravity.

Liz asks the deputy mayor what he thinks of Sharon for commissioner. He’s disinterested, backing Inglis, who he says has proven ‘adaptable.’

Liz asks Sharon to personally announce the search for the missing child at a press conference, increasing her visibility.

Matt Coward unsuccessfully shops his damaging footage of Robbie to various distributors.

Liz tells Sharon the deputy mayor is interested in her as a candidate for commissioner and pushes her to consider running against Acting Commissioner Inglis.

Liz convinces Tom Oliver to share details of Inglis’ capitulation to the mayor’s office — including the use of TSG members to guard the department store — in exchange for a theoretical position in Sharon’s administration.

Inglis visits the family of the shooting victim to pay his condolences.

Liz leaks word of the TSG department store assignment to the press, damaging Inglis’ public profile.

Liz convinces Sharon to deploy the numerous, underutilized Police Community Support Officers — civilians with relatively little training but greater diversity — in the search for the missing child, as both an aid to the investigation and another PR boon for Sharon.

The review board interviews Robbie’s old schoolmate, who mentions that only three of the four squad members were on the job that day.

After Clarkey buys a bed for their flat, he and Davina fight over Davina’s reluctance to commit to their new life together.

The review board presses Banjo, Tony and Robbie on Warwick’s absence, highly suspicious coupled with the fact that Warwick didn’t shoot the victim despite his superior position. Robbie and Tony say no comment, but Banjo, anxious to defend his taking the shot, admits that Warwick’s “head is gone” and the guys have been covering for him.

Liz coaches Sharon to make a speech motivating the Community Support Officers to give the search for the child their all.

The review board cross-examines Warwick on the events of the shooting, forcing him to admit he didn’t see a gun in the victim’s hands and his judgment must be compromised.

Liz and Finn trade barbs over Liz’s subterfuge and Finn’s capitulation to the mayor’s office.

After receiving an encouraging call from the mayor’s office, Sharon gets fully on board with the plan to run for commissioner.

Warwick bursts into a bar where Tony, Banjo and Robbie are hanging out after the inquest and attacks Tony, assuming he ratted him out. Banjo is forced to admit it was him, and Warwick leaves, devastated.

A distraught Robbie confides in Matt Coward about moving the gun, while Matt secretly tapes him with his phone.

Banjo searches Davina’s purse at home, discovering the receipt from Clarkey’s bed in her purse.

Inglis, Finn and Tom Oliver watch Sharon interviewed about her initiative to find the missing child on the news, admiring her savvy PR move. Finn suggests using Inglis’ visit to the shooting victim’s family to curry favor, but Inglis is disgusted.

Liz is devastated by news that the child has been found dead. Sharon shares the sad moment and makes plans to meet the next morning to start working on campaign strategy.

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