A SundanceTV Original Series
From Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire), starring Brit Marling (Another Earth) and James Nesbitt (The Hobbit)

“BABYLON” Recap: Episode 4 (Victoria Park)

Police drag Commissioner Miller’s body out of the Thames, while Liz leaves threatening voicemails for the reporter who is prepared to expose Richard.

While debating policy on the recent bombing incident, Liz, Finn, Charles Inglis, Sharon Franklin and Tom Oliver receive word of Miller’s death. Inglis assumes the role of Acting Commissioner and asks Franklin to deliver the news to Richard’s widow. Franklin pulls Liz aside to tell her she doesn’t feel comfortable “doing the knock,” admitting to a one-night dalliance with Richard years previous. Liz assuages Sharon’s concerns and encourages her to go ahead. Before leaving, Sharon asks if Liz herself slept with Richard and Liz tells her she didn’t.

Liz confides to Mia, sharing the fact that Richard called her before jumping and she didn’t answer.

Meanwhile, Officers on the ground speculate wildly about the circumstances of Richard’s death. Robbie jokingly suggests that Miller may have been a closet homosexual, making offensive comments on the subject.

Clarkey tells Davina he shared the truth about their relationship with his wife and Davina tells Clarkey she did the same with Banjo — though in reality she was unable to.

Warwick appears, throwing a fit about locking himself out of his apartment. When Tony rushes off to calm him, and tell him to take the day off, Banjo informs Robbie that Tony is gay.

News breaks of Miller’s affairs. Finn berates Liz for failing to come to him for help, explaining that he has enough dirt on the reporter in question to have blackmailed her into silence.

Robbie spots an old schoolmate and gives him a scare by pretending to arrest him.

When their boss appears, Banjo and Tony claim Warwick is conducting interviews at another location. The boss seems suspicious but doesn’t press the point. Banjo and Tony debate the merits of covering for Warwick in his fragile mental state, weighing loyalty versus the potential liability.

When Robbie reveals his identity, the former schoolmate teases him, and Robbie flies off the handle, threatening the civilian at gunpoint. Banjo and Tony drag Robbie away, Tony warning Robbie that he’ll be out of the unit if he ever misuses his weapon again.

Liz finds herself shut out by Finn and Inglis as all watch a live feed of officers searching for the bomber.

Tony tells Warwick he thinks he should consider taking time off. Warwick is upset, pointing out that his career will be permanently compromised. Tony and Banjo agree not to report him.

Inglis sends Sharon to lead the search for the bomber. Finn takes Liz aside and suggests that he could smear her with stories of her and Richard’s apparent affair (given credence by their intimate-looking phone history), trying to blackmail her into quitting.

At home that night, Liz reads an article about her alleged affair.

Clarkey and Davina rendezvous at Clarkey’s new flat, while a frantic Banjo searches his home and finds evidence of an affair. Banjo destroys a public trash bin in a rage after failing to reach Davina on the phone.

The firearms squad investigates a warehouse party. Banjo snipes a man threatening another guest, thinking the man is aiming a gun. Robbie arrives at the scene first and finds the dead man with his hands empty, though a gun is tucked in his waistband. Robbie carefully transfers the weapon to the victim’s hand to justify Banjo’s shot.

Finn announces Liz’s absence to the PR team, deputizing Mia to smear the black, 17-year-old shooting victim as a gang-affiliated criminal despite thin evidence. Liz calls Mia from home and points out the short-sightedness of this strategy, telling her to redo the press release.

Franklin briefs the TSG unit on the ongoing search for the bomber. A shaken Banjo finally reaches Davina and tells her he shot a kid. Davina tells a crestfallen Clarkey she’ll have to stay with Banjo for the time being, since the break-up would place the shooting in an even worse light.

Finn tears the new press release up, telling Mia Liz is finished and she should consider him her boss once again.

Closing in on the bomber’s suspected location, Franklin overrides Inglis when he demands immediate results at the expense of safety.

Mia tells Liz she can’t go over Finn’s head without her being in the office.

The bomber surrenders, with Franklin on the ground to take credit for the operation’s success.

Finn and Inglis watch the news, Inglis bemoaning the PR from the bombing arrest as “a win for Sharon Franklin.” On another station, Liz appears in an interview in which she defends Richard Miller’s legacy and denies the rumored affair all-the-while currying public favor with a victim-sympathetic evaluation of the shooting. Finn and Inglis realize that she will be nearly impossible to oust after this piece of expert maneuvering.

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