A SundanceTV Original Series
From Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire), starring Brit Marling (Another Earth) and James Nesbitt (The Hobbit)

“BABYLON” Recap: Episode 101 (Cravenwood)

Liz and her team prepare Commissioner Miller for an upcoming hearing with the deputy mayor, barraging him with tough questions and insults. Miller grows annoyed and storms out.

Liz surprises Mia by accepting her invitation to get drinks after work and complains about Miller’s intractability.

A representative from private penal contractor Securamax reviews time-lapsed footage of the ongoing violent uprising at a nearby youth prison with Met top brass. Assistant Commissioner Inglis agrees to classify the situation as a “disturbance” rather than a full-blown “riot” to avoid calling in police aid and triggering costly contractually-mandated penalties.

Liz meets with Warwick to review security camera footage of his shooting of an unarmed civilian, convincing the traumatized officer that the footage is in everyone’s best interest, as it will prove to the public that Warwick’s victim was brandishing a convincingly real fake gun.

Assistant Commissioner Sharon Franklin grills the Securamax representative on the developing riot. The representative denies any need for police assistance until she receives word by phone that a fire has been started and quietly admits defeat.

AC Franklin informs Miller that Securamax has finally requested aid. He signs off but tells her to delay it to punish the firm for failing to report the truth sooner and further smear the privatized sector’s reputation.

Liz tells Finn they should try to work together despite their mutual animosity. Finn confesses that he feels intimidated by Liz and has been on edge with trouble in his marriage, agreeing to put differences aside going forward.

Banjo and Tony tell Warwick a bounty has been placed on his head by relatives of the victim who have been riled up by the newly released footage.

Clarkey and Davina rib Robbie about getting killed on his last day before weapons training as they ship out to contain the riot.

Finn presents Liz with a possible line to feed the press regarding the riot and the larger implicit issue of privatizing prisons and police forces. After a little initial mistrust Liz approves the line, strengthening the uneasy alliance. Finn mentions a rumor that Securamax is trying to poach high level personnel from the Met.

Warwick, Banjo and Tony are dispatched to investigate reports of a heavily armed robber holding a family hostage. Warwick worries he’s being led into a trap by a killer seeking his bounty.

The deputy mayor’s aide meets with Met top brass, the communications department, and Securamax personnel, taking the police to task for casting blame on the latter. Liz denies intentionally spinning the story and Inglis volunteers to correct the public perception as the riot continues to escalate. Liz sends Finn to handle PR on the ground at the prison.

Robbie tries to eat the hundred chicken nuggets traditionally consumed before starting weapons training. Meanwhile, Clarkey asks police documentarian Matt Coward to dispose of seemingly innocuous footage he shot earlier, claiming that Davina—who’s married to Banjo—panicked and made a claim about her plans for the night which accidentally revealed her involvement in an extramarital affair—not mentioning that the adulterous partner is Clarkey himself. Coward agrees not to use the footage.

Watching DC Inglis defend Securamax in a press conference, Liz tells Miller she’s discovered that the deputy commissioner is being groomed for a leadership position at the private firm.

Matt Coward proposes to communications staffers Jerry and Miles that they cut and run with the unflattering footage he’s collected of Robbie, Clarkey, and Davina, turning the police-commissioned documentary into a sneak exposé. The old pros tell Matt not to mess with the police, their perennial source of employment and information.

Warwick, Banjo and Tony respond to the hostage situation. When the perp runs, Warwick fails to chase after him and Tony tells Banjo he thinks Warwick isn’t fit for duty in his current mental state.

Miller confronts Inglis about jumping ship to Securamax, threatening to ruin him if his loyalty ever wavers again.

At the hearing, the deputy mayor takes Miller to task for the force’s increasingly poor public relations. Liz and Mia cringe as a stone-faced Miller adopts a petulant tone, defending himself against the deputy mayor’s accusations. After the hearing Miller demands he be better prepared in the future.

Robbie is pummeled by an escaping inmate, while Matt Coward films the scene. Robbie yells at Matt for failing to help him and furiously but articulately rants about the disposability of police grunts. Impressed, Matt asks Robbie to repeat his words for the camera, but Robbie angrily storms off.

Liz overhears Mia apologizing to her friend for inviting Liz to the bar, also mocking her professional enthusiasm and promising to exclude Liz from future gatherings.

Liz and Finn butt heads when she orders him to allow the media to film police as they storm the prison, so as to spin the story in favor of the force and further smear the private sector. Though Finn strongly objects to introducing the complication to such a sensitive operation, he complies.

Banjo and Tony have Warwick put a dying horse down in hopes that another shooting will set him right. Warwick claims to feel nothing upon killing the animal and the boys are satisfied. That night, an increasingly paranoid Warwick tackles a young man delivering a horse-themed cake sent by Banjo and Tony as a gag.

Liz and Finn meet with Miller. Liz continues to trumpet the virtues of a policy of radical transparency. Finn accuses her of putting officers in danger, while Liz counters with accusations of general incompetence. As Liz shows Finn the door, their rivalry more bitter than ever, Liz makes a vicious crack about Finn’s wife, who Finn reveals is fictional. Miller tells Liz the day’s PR is unacceptable and she’ll need to do better.

Liz leaves a voicemail for ex-boyfriend Granger. Before going to bed she smashes a light in her freezer to silence its irritating buzz.

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