starring Elle® magazine's Joe Zee

Prajje puts it ALL ON THE LINE — are those clown clothes?

Struggling fashion designer Prajje Jean-Baptiste is going to be facing several challenges tonight, as Joe Zee strives to save this once successful line from ruin. Joe appreciates Prajje’s bold use of color, but trying to do both women’s and menswear has left the designer unfocused and out of touch. When he previews his latest collection, Joe doesn’t see a single outfit anybody would want to wear.

Joe said what?! Clown clothes for men:

To put Prajje back in touch with his natural talent, Joe arranges for him to design looks for “>Good Morning America anchors Lara Spencer and Josh Elliot. If Prajje is equal to the challenge, millions of viewers will see his work. Regardless, it is important that Prajje be able to clearly communicate what his line’s all about. So Joe sets up an appointment with Us Weekly fashion director Sasha Charnin. The pressure continues to mount when Joe arranges a presentation to Bloomingdales’ top buyers. Will Prajje’s new capsule collection live up to Joe’s expectations, or will the buyers take a pass? Find out in this week’s episode of ALL ON THE LINE!


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