starring Elle® magazine's Joe Zee

Joe Zee dishes: How-to Fall style tips, where he shops & his favorite thing to eat between two buns

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From NBC San Diego:
A week before the season premiere of his show “All on the Line,” the dashing and always gracious Joe Zee took some time out of his busy schedule to talk to us about food, fashion… and well, more food. As creative director at Elle magazine and now host of his own show, our favorite fashion guy is always on the go, but still has time to fit in his favorite shopping spots and restaurants on both coasts. Find out how Mr. Zee spends his time outside of his kushy midtown office. And, don’t think we let him go without getting just a few style tips.

You are always so dapper – where do you shop?
I actually love shopping when I am away in different cities for photo shoots, so you’ll often find me bringing home stuff from Los Angeles or London, but in NYC, I am always at Barney’s.

What’s your best tip for a guy looking to up his style?
Be classic and be timeless, but don’t be boring. I’ve always had great admiration for the style of someone like JFK Jr. He could wear a puffer over a pinstripe suit or a trench coat over his sweatpants and look effortless.??What is something about you that would surprise our readers/viewers??If I only have one thing to do, it will never get done.

If I weren’t in fashion, I would be a __________.

What’s your favorite thing to eat between two buns?
Pork Belly

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