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There are many triggers that usually helps peak my interest with designers I’ve yet to discover. It can be anything from a unique name to innovative designs to a brilliant a-ha marketing idea that I wish I had thought of or just something as simple as their backstory.

With Jedda-Kahn Blue, I will admit I was intrigued by that name but more so, it was when I discovered that he came from a long line of tailors and dressmakers. But it’s important to note that he wasn’t designing to get into the family business; contrary, he was designing clothes because he knew that was his destiny. There’s something quite admirable about it.

When one of the market editors at ELLE showed me his dresses, my initial reaction was of two minds: I didn’t care for some of the creative thought he put into those dresses but I did notice the craftsmanship and quality, especially when I found out he did everything personally and by hand. A great trait as most designers today rarely thread a needle, much less sew. At first glance, it was easy to tell that embellishment was Jedda-Kahn’s calling card, yet with each look, it consistently seemed to cross that proverbial line of everything and the kitchen sink. But that was an easy fix; editing was what I did for a career. And that’s what he needed with his design sensibility – some strong editing. I knew that if I could get Jedda-Kahn to agree and see the strength in his designs without all the fanciful hoopla, it could work. Now I just had to get Jedda-Kahn to listen and believe that.

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