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When I first started working in this industry as an assistant, a very important stylist I was working for said to me, “Whenever you dress a woman, make sure her look is complete head to toe, inside and out. It doesn’t matter if you can’t see as long as you know it’s there because that’s true style.” That comment has always stayed with me, especially all those times I dressed a model to be shot from the waist up and I still insisted on her wearing a pair of very painful shoes. “It will change the way you feel about yourself,” I’d explain. And inevitably, it does. I would say this same rule holds true for lingerie.

Wearing something luxurious and special under your everyday clothes can be that finishing touch to your look. It can make you feel complete.

Enter Layla L’Obatti and Josh, a couple who are also the design team behind Between the Sheets. When I first saw their silk charmeuse pieces trimmed in black lace up at my office, I was reminded of that very rule I learned early on, but even more so, it reminded me of another lingerie collection called Sabbia Rosa. It wasn’t  that BTS was derivative; that wasn’t the case. It was the idea that here was a lingerie collection that was beautiful and chic and without a doubt, alluring in the bedroom but I could definitely see real appeal for girls wanting to wear this out.

I remember going to Paris Fashion Week back in the mid-Nineties and young fashion editors would get off that Air France flight and race to the Sabbia Rosa store to stock up on  some silk camis or slipdresses (trimmed in their signature lace of course) to wear out at night. This lingerie wasn’t cheap but it was a must-have.   So in my mind, why couldn’t Layla and Josh do the same thing? Why couldn’t they capitalize on the lingerie market AND the growing demand for clothing inspired by lingerie? I knew in my heart of hearts, that done right, BTS could be — and would be — the solution to completing any look. Inside and Out.

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