starring Elle® magazine's Joe Zee


I could lie and say there were many abstract reasons that led me to wanting to work with Kara Janx but I will be upfront and honest with you. I wanted to meet this Season 2 Project Runway alum, one who had no problem speaking her mind or dealing with confrontation. I wanted to meet the woman who infamously said “she would snip off a contestant’s pee-pee if he got in her way”. Ouch! She is, in short, the one designer I worked with this season, whom I would not want to encounter in a dark alley with those castrating scissors. But of course, I did also want to work with Kara because I realized her true potential while watching her on Project Runway.

My fascination with Kara was really two-fold. First of all, what had she been up to since the finish of that Project Runway season? Some investigation led me to discover her current collection of – yes, GMC clothes, a moniker I gave her when I finally met her, but won’t give away here. I remember Kara vividly from that season of Project Runway but even more so, I remember that kimono dress she wore to take her final bow on the runway. I remember thinking (like Michael Kors did) that her dress was a nice evolution from the DVF wrapdress, which has now  transcended from a 70′s staple to an everywoman staple.

Recalling the instant success Kara had received from that kimono dress, I wondered why Kara wasn’t making it anymore. In the midst of her GMC collection, I couldn’t find it. Why did she give that one signature idea up? That dress is surely her fashion goldmine. Secondly, I was curious as to the future of all the Project Runway contestants in general. Christian Siriano, perhaps the most famous winner of that series, has found some success but what about the others? Why was it so hard for any of them to gain real traction? Yes, the fashion industry is ruthless and perhaps being a reality TV star hindered more than helped, but if you were talented, shouldn’t it not matter? Armed with curiosity, a deep belief and scissor-proof underwear, I decided I wanted to work with Kara Janx.

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