starring Elle® magazine's Joe Zee

Huffington Post calls ALL ON THE LINE "A Must-See Show"

Fashion journalist Blue Carreon loves reality shows — especially ALL ON THE LINE. Find out why he thinks you should be watching:

What All On The Line does is give another dimension to the fashion industry. Zee lifts the veil of glamor often associated with fashion designers — especially in an age when many kids aspire to be fashion designers because they often equate it to big runway shows or photo ops or red carpet treatments. He shows the business side of things. That fashion is as much about creativity as it is about commerce. This is a hard lesson to chew, especially for those who don’t want to compromise their visions. After all, how many creative designers remain unknown because of their refusal to pay attention to the numbers? How many contracts in big name fashion houses have not been renewed because the designers failed to bring in the sales? And would there be Yves Saint Laurent and Valentino empires without the business savoir-faire of Pierre Berge and Giancarlo Giammetti?

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