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Episode Recap – Dana-Maxx – They’ll Be Watching

This is my favorite part of ALL ON THE LINE: there are just no predictable outcomes. Because like life itself, you can never predict how anything will unfold – most of all, when it comes to the whims of the fashion industry.

This was clearly not my favorite part of this week’s episode: Dana-Maxx not getting an immediate pick-up by Bergdorf Goodman. But the silver lining in this week’s episode is exactly what I had explained to her right after our presentation to Linda Fargo: That Bergdorfs may not have committed to the collection this season, but Dana-Maxx is now in a better position. She has the eye now of one of the most powerful Fashion Directors in the business. Linda Fargo is watching YOU! You as in Dana-Maxx, where just a few short months earlier Linda had never heard of Dana-Maxx or uttered her name and now she’s on a short-list to track. Would I have wished for a happier, I’ll-take-it-all ending? Sure, but as I always say to anyone starting out in the business, life isn’t a Tom Hanks-Meg Ryan rom-com. There are no scripted happy endings. You work hard for what you want and passion, drive and ambition will take you there. And in the end, perhaps for Bergdorfs to commit now would have actually done an injustice to Dana-Maxx and her business. She needed to show that she’s here to stay.

What I am happy about is Dana-Maxx’s new approach to her business. Both her and her mom, Randi, have taken to “working backwards” and determining price before design, and hence, why she can ultimately produce the same identical top that she made previously for half the price. Lessons like that are invaluable. Cue applause. Retailers for Dana-Maxx will come but self-realization about growing up her business, is well, as that proverbial cliche goes, priceless. She may have to wait for the store of her dreams but she walked away with bigger wins. She’s matured her designs, lowered prices and grew up in a way her business needed. I know how dedicated and talented Dana-Maxx is, so I have no doubt that her time will come. And when it does, I’m sure Bergdorf Goodman will be watching.

I know I will be.

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