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Episode Recap – Between the Sheets – Not a Fairytale Ending

It’s true, fashion can be completely unpredictable, I will give you that. I never knew that when I entered into my venture with Layla and Josh, the dating duo from Between the Sheets, that our time together would have escalated into the finale that it did. I entered into it with the thought I could help BTS turn their business around by keeping what they do AND expanding into a burgeoning market at the same time. Unfortunately, that didn’t quite work out as planned. Which is too bad.

I have no ill will towards Layla or Josh. In the end, I probably have more respect for her that she wanted to stand her ground creatively. What I didn’t respect was her not wanting to try. Effort at times can be as effective as action. Even if in the effort, it didn’t work, it could potentially lead to something bigger and greater. The greatest discoveries and ideas in life — fashion or not — come from trying and that’s where I felt was our ultimate disconnect. I left our discussions often feeling like they were met with barriers and at times, she would just shut down. I had no ulterior motive here other than to help change their business and pull them out of debt. I didn’t want to take over; I didn’t want to be a lingerie designer. I just wanted to lend my expertise and help.

I don’t think I was out of line to say that just showing ONE fabric to a major retailer is a mistake. That seemed an obvious one to me. A no-brainer. But whether it was to prove a point to me or just a bad case of self-sabotage, the meeting with CUSP was ultimately a missed opportunity for Layla and Josh. However, that’s not to say I didn’t like some of the final collection. (And I LOVED her illustrations!) After all, there was an initial reason I wanted to work with Layla. I liked that first dress that came out at the presentation a lot. It was beautiful and the buyer was right; with a few tweaks, I could absolutely see that on a Kate Hudson type, maybe with some simple diamonds, a clutch and a pair of killer heels. But when you’re seeing it in a sea of sameness, even a good dress won’t matter. It will just look redundant — the Groundhog’s Day of clothes. And at the end of the day, redundancy just doesn’t ring up sales. Or in this case, put a ring on a finger.

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