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Episode Recap – Bad is Better Than Boring

What I Hope They Learned:

“Being bad is better than boring.” I said this to Andre and Liquica in Times Square when we were on our outing getting inspiration and it’s something I truly believe. A friend fought me about this fact just the other day but for me, it’s true. I can find value in the good and the bad. If you think about fashion being your ultimate self-expression, then speak loudly and boldly. There’s no room for anything dull, because boring is exactly that – boring!

I remember years ago when I was in Milan at fashion week and we attended a Miuccia Prada collection that was so different than anything she’s designed before. Instead of the chic, refined vintage 40′s silhouettes she’s done previously, she went for something brighter, a bit more garish and inspired from the 60′s. Immediately, the New York Times declared that bad taste is back! And Miuccia herself explained the “good taste of bad taste.” It was a collection that caused a lot of fervour and discussion and I loved it. That’s ultimately what fashion should be! Provocative. Something to talk about. Something to make one think. The best thing in life is to be remembered. The worst is to be forgotten. The same can be said for fashion. Something – as you can tell from this week’s episode – that I hope Andre and Liquica have taken with them from our time together.

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