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The Transformation Begins – Radenroro: Tonight at 10p EST!

Most weeks, the mail arrives at my office in large foam cartons, usually filled with lookbooks of every variety: large and spiral-bound; small and stapled, or even loose pictures in an envelope. You can only imagine how many collections I see each year.

Most of these are designers I’ve never heard of, but are begging to be discovered. That could be said of a certain lookbook I saw, one day at my desk, from the label, Radenroro. I was intrigued by – yes, the name – but more the art direction and image of the lookbook and some of the clothes in it, but most of it just looked unmemorable to me. In fact, I remember remarking to Keith Pollock, a good friend and the Editorial Director of Elle.com, that I could see girls shopping and wanting SOME of these clothes but not most of it.

But when I discovered that Radenroro had been in business for 7(!) seasons – and was sold at Scoop – I was floored! Who were these designers and why had I never heard of them? How did they manage to survive all this time under the radar?

After further investigating, I realized they weren’t – surviving, that is. Seeing their lookbook, now I understood why their business wasn’t working. Knowing that, it definitely set my wheels turning and I had to meet them. I knew I could help to ultimately take their business to the next level.

The same can be said for fashion. Something – as you can tell from this week’s episode – that I hoped Andre and Liquica has taken with them from our time together. Being memorable, not just with who you are as designers, but also with the clothes you design is paramount to a successful business. Which is exactly why Nordstrom reacted so favorably to their collection and invested in Radenroro for 2 deliveries! Check out their entire collection available at Nordstrom.com and let me know what you think.

Check out Radenroro’s transformation on Sundance Channel’s all new original series ALL ON THE LINE. Premieres tonight at 10p EST.