Way Back Wednesday

College freshmen Skolnick and Gilbert form their own fraternity for computer-whiz misfits. Click here for more.

Schedule: Wednesday Nights

  • revenge_of_the_nerds_02_641x383

    Revenge of the Nerds

    Today 10:00pm | 9:00C

    College freshmen (Robert Carradine, Anthony Edwards) form fraternity for computer geeks. more »

  • spies_like_us_01_641x383

    Spies Like Us

    December 24 10:00pm | 9:00C

    Two clumsy bureaucrats (Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd) are trained as spies, then sent to Pakistan to create a diversion. more »

  • ghost_01_641x383


    December 31 10:00pm | 9:00C

    A slain Manhattan yuppie (Patrick Swayze) reaches out to his lover (Demi Moore), with a medium (Whoopi Goldberg) as his middlewoman. more »