Screen Sex – Sundance Gets Dirty

Let’s face it: Sex sells. And really, why shouldn’t it? There’s no rule against a good bit of kink and hot bodies as serious festival fare. At this year’s Sundance Film Festival, sex is on full display in a number of films, including the stuff of fantasies for straight guys (LOVELACE), gay guys (INTERIOR. LEATHER BAR) and women hot for young studs (TWO MOTHERS, THE LIFEGUARD). “I’ve seen five movies today, and [the sex] has been nonstop,” a senior Hollywood studio exec told the New York Times’ Carpetbagger blog.

Here, eight of our favorite dirty, sexy movies on offer. Get ready to get turned on (or, y’know, pretend you’re not).

screensex_lovelace.jpg screensex_lifeguard.jpg screensex_lookoflove.jpg screensex_twomothers.jpg screensex_donjons.jpg screensex_killyourdarlings.jpg screensex_interior.jpg screensex_kink.jpg