The LCD Soundsystem funeral and James Murphy's Sundance takeover

By now, you’ve probably seen the trailer for SHUT UP AND PLAY THE HITS, the LCD Soundsystem documentary about their last show/the greatest funeral ever. Yeah, it is pretty much the only thing anyone on the internet is talking about. We can’t wait, either and are gearing up for the big premiere on Sunday, January 22nd at the Egyptian Theater. It’s sold out, but you can also catch Mr. Murphy in the Tim and Eric helmed drama THE COMEDY.

James Murphy is celebrating the premiere of the movie about the end of his band by throwing a party–all by himself–at the Bing Bar. I’d get there early if I were you. Oh, forget it. You are not going to get in. I mean, Mr. Murphy is turning into the Prom King of Sundance 2012 (Sorry, James Franco). I’m just excited that his adorable French Bulldog Petunia gets some screen time.