The Sundance '12 Awards (according to Twitter)

It’s indie film, man: when things go wrong, you roll with the punches and improvise. So when Parker Posey, the scheduled host for the Sundance ’12 Awards Show fell ill, the fest found a replacement — BLACK ROCK director and star Katie Aselton — who teamed up with Festival Director John Cooper to emcee the evening. Things chugged along without missing a beat. “I’ve always wanted to be Parker Posey,” quipped Aselton.

This year’s Sundance awards went to with some expected winners as well as a few surprises. It wasn’t too surprising to see BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD, a wildly popular film about family, the apocalypse, and the power of imagination, win the U.S. Dramatic Competition Grand Jury Prize and the Best Cinematography Award. And it would have been downright shocking if the crowd-pleasing THE SURROGATE, starring John Hawkes as a disabled man trying to lose his virginity, hadn’t won the U.S. Dramatic Competition’s Audience Award. But few predicted the U.S. Dramatic Competition’s Best Director award to go to MIDDLE OF NOWHERE‘s Ava DuVernay. Ditto the World Dramatic Competition’s Grand Jury Prize for VIOLETA WENT TO HEAVEN. Maybe the biggest surprise of all was the revelation that the search for Sugar Man is over, as the subject of SEARCHING FOR SUGAR MAN was onstage to collect the film’s Audience Award for World Cinema Documentary. Way to spoil the film’s ending, guys. (For the full list of winners, check out this SUNfiltered post.)

Somewhat less surprising was how much fun it was to watch the awards unfold live on and on Twitter. If you were watching the show and didn’t play along with the live tweets, then you missed half the excitement and almost all the best jokes. For those of you not yet in the Twitternity, we’ve got the funniest tweets right here for your reading pleasure.

Congrats to all this year’s winners (and thanks to the hilarious tweeters). And like my grandfather always said: “Next year in Park City!” (My grandfather really enjoyed skiing and independent film.) We can’t wait to do it all again in 2013.

The 2012 Sundance Film Festival Awards (According To Twitter)
“My heroic wife @duplaselton is about to host the #sundance awards show… ” — @MarkDuplass

“At the #sundance awards ceremony, surrounded by nervous indie filmmakers, and bar shut down till announcements made. #situationdire” — @Vulture

“Sundance’s John Cooper comes out instead. ‘Parker Posey took ill. … we had this whole bit.’ #sundance” — @moviecricket

“Years ago a producer at the fest told young filmmakers to ‘put a robot in your film and win the Alfred P. Sloan prize.’ It works! #sundance” — @cinejoe

“Overheard at #Sundance: I think movie writers should have to write a thing to hand out that explains EXACTLY what they mean by everything.” — @cramermj

“No big prizes yet but co-host BLACK ROCK director Katie Aselton says “nobody cares” about long acceptance speeches. Miaow. #Sundance” — @totalfilm

“PUTIN’S KISS is so much better than MEDVEDEV’S HANDY. #Sundance” — @roadsidetweets

“Best #Sundance awards quote: “I don’t speak very good English but thank you and have lot of sex.”" — @iheartjmichelle

“SEARCHING FOR SUGAR MAN, a doc about a musician, wins World Doc Audience Award, but they’re playing Foster the People… #sundance” — @misterpatches

“If stuttering were paralysis and speaking were banging, THE SURROGATE *is* THE KING’S SPEECH.” — @HitFixDaniel

“So can BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD win something? Because I saw that one. #sundance” — @kristapley

“Mike Birbiglia: ‘Art isn’t a competition, but if it were, these would be the winners…’” — @AskDebruge

“SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED just won an award! Aubrey Plaza was so pleased, she only rolled one eye. #Sundance” — @roadsidetweets

“US Dramatic Audience Award goes to…THE SURROGATE Everybody loves an iron lung flick! #Sundance” — @SundanceChannel

“THE INVISIBLE WAR just got the JAZZIEST WALK-UP MUSIC EVER for a war-rape documentary. #sundance” — @HitFixDaniel

“CHASING ICE was the working title of that Ice-T doc too. #Sundance” — @roadsidetweets

“#Sundance Best Movie Snack Jury Award: Goobers mixed with popcorn.” — @rje7

“One kid from my neighborhood won an award at Sundance & another just advanced on Idol. Something good has to happen to me now, right?” — @ErikDavis