My Premiere: Director Michael Mohan of SAVE THE DATE

They say third time is a charm, but director Michael Mohan was still pretty nervous on the way to the premiere of SAVE THE DATE. Mohan has had two shorts in the festival (EX-SEX and CASUAL ENCOUNTERS–I sense a theme), but this was his forst foray into features at the festival and Sundance Channel was happy to tag along. When we caught up with Mohan, he was still putting together his remarks to introduce the film. Then it was off to the Library Theatre for the big show. Cast members Lizzy Caplan, Allison Brie, Martin Starr, Mark Webber and Geoffrey Arend were on hand to keep Mohan calm.

Make sure to check out Michael’s entire My Premiere. We’re glad we did, he was probably the most gracious director we’ve ever shadowed. And that’s all because before he made it big, he used to work out at Sundance…following famous folks around. If that doesn’t win him “director of our hearts,” then this story about his own nuptials definitely will:

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