Hay! It’s a Sundance Film Festival LGBTQ round up!

It’s that time of the year, kids, where Hollywood and its satellite equivalents convene on a small piece of American paradise—Park City, Utah—to peacock around in the latest pieces of après-ski fashion. And also to discuss cinema or film, or whatever’s currant, before they leave. This year’s selections are looking especially intense, with a hot list of LGBTQ films and shorts in the mix. For the past twenty-six years the Sundance Film Festival has been one of the most inviting opportunities for Queer cinema. Check out some of the highlights from this year’s schedule, and place bets as to which one you think will be the next PARIAH.

Oh New Hampshire, will you never cease to impress us, first you dazzle in the spotlight every four years with the whole presidential primary thing, and now through the delicate hands of director Macky Alston you give us a political slice of gay heaven. This documentary follows the life of Bishop Gene Robinson, after becoming the first openly Gay leader of the state’s Episcopal Church. Hilarity and hijinks ensue (sort of) as Bishop Robinson clashes with the old guard. St. Joan, where are you?

It’s the classic odd couple dynamic with a twist. Frenemies end up roommates in the big city. On the brink of admitting they have nothing in common but disdain, Lauren and Kate discover the stars may have actually had a greater plan for them. A bond is formed as the two set forth on a lucrative sex hot-line business together. This is an independent film, expect some classy shock humor.

The latest take on a very personal and prevalent relationship dynamic between Gay men. Meet Erik and Paul, opposites that have attracted and fall desperately in love. Set in the late 90’s to the amazing beat of Arthur Russell’s disco and cello solos, we follow the development of their relationship as alcohol, sex, drugs, and men turn their once innocent bond into something all too real and urbane.

Boys, you can’t live with em, and if you’re pretty sure you’re 100% lesbian you should probably try to just live without them. Sundance veteran Lynn Shelton, of HUMPDAY fame, returns with a full-length feature about a young man who has an affair with his best friend’s lesbian sister. It’s rumored Jerry Springer is a silent producer on this one. Kidding.

Because we have been living through one of the worst plagues in modern history. Because for the past twenty-five years our governments have been too craven to address the problem as a plague. Because there is no cure for AIDS and the amount of money directed towards finding one is miniscule in comparison to other diseases. Because we lost Tina Chow, and thousands of other amazing personalities to AIDS. David France reminds us of the urgency and fear that spurred ACT UP and TAG into being, with little help from our government. Learn your history, or be doomed to repeat it.

Of course there are other exciting and wild takes on LGBTQ themes, like the comedic short FOURPLAY: TAMPA, or the irony within a Korean American family in DOL (FIRST BIRTHDAY). Our personal favorite has to be ME @ THE ZOO (remember Chris Crocker, yes girl, she’s back). This year’s lineup is sure to go down as a year the gays went bananas. Vive L’Cinema! Oh wait, is that Cannes? You get it.