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2018 Sundance Film Festival

Sundance Film Festival follow up: TAKE SHELTER

It’s no secret that Jessica Chastain has had a breakout year. You probably saw her in THE HELP, perhaps saw her in THE DEBT or TREE OF LIFE, and should definitely head out to see her in TAKE SHELTER. It was one of the few films that went into the 2011 Sundance Film Festival with a distribution deal and between powerhouse performances Chastain and the film’s star Michael Shannon (REVOLUTIONARY ROAD, Boardwalk Empire), it’s easy to see why.

Jeff Nichols wrote and directed the psychological thriller, which chronicles one man’s anxiety over his terrifying dreams and apocalyptic visions. The story plays on one small town’s tensions and paranoia. But hey, in 2011 we all had good reason to be paranoid. And Nichols might actually be psychic, because some of that crazy bird stuff in the trailer really happened! Anyway, Curtis LaForche (Shannon) channels all of the chaos into fortifying his tornado shelter, which reminds me that I need to spruce up my zombie shelter before we get too far into 2012.

Quite a few people have called TAKE SHELTER an American masterpiece, and it won quite a few awards at Cannes (that patently un-American film festival). Judge for yourself; TAKE SHELTER is playing in select theaters. Not playing near you? Fear not, the DVD will be out in February. And you’ll have plenty of opportunities to see both Chastain and Shannon next year, although you’ll have to wait until 2013 to see Shannon as General Zod in the Superman reboot MAN OF STEEL.