Michael Cera and Shannyn Sossamon return to Sundance with END OF LOVE

One of the best features of the Sundance Film Festival are the actors who made trips there early in their careers…and come back again even when they could be resting on their mainstream, Hollywood laurels. Mark Webber’s END OF LOVE is one of those films that brings some of those festival faves back to Park City. Michael Cera (PAPER HEARTS), Amanda Seyfried (ALPHA DOG), Jason Ritter (THE DRY LAND), and Shannyn Sossamon (WRISTCUTTERS) join Webber on screen for the story of a young father struggling with the death of his son’s mother.

Webber writes, directs, and stars in this film about one father’s breakdown; his onscreen son is played by his own, two-year-old Isaac. The Miami Herald reports that the film was shot in 28 days with his son working one-hour daily shifts, and that the entire project was funded by a Los Angeles restaurant owner.

“My whole goal was to get the film into Sundance–it’s a true American independent movie,” says Webber.

Webber is no stranger to Sundance. He’s been a few times, as an actor, including trips for GOOD DICK, THE GOOD LIFE, and WEAPONS. He’s actually a Park City two-fer this year, thanks to the romantic comedy SAVE THE DATE. This is his first stab behind the camera.

And us? We’re excited for Sossamon’s return to the big screen. She took a break from Hollywood, but has a couple of projects slated for 2012. And judging by the photos we’ve got of END OF LOVE, this should be an interesting comeback: