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I heart Kevin Smith

Lo here: Em has always been a Howard Stern fan. As a staunch, man-hating feminist, I never got on board. Too many sad strippers willing to be reduced to body parts for love and attention – at least back in the K-Rock days. No, for provocative, foul-mouthed, sex-related audio content, I’ll take Kevin Smith’s Hollywood Babble-On with Ralph Garman any day. They’re by no means above female objectification, but they believe in equal opportunity objectification. Take for example, their regular segment on Liam Neesson’s infamously large endowment (“Liam Neesson’s cock is so big…”). Smith will even admit on air to homoerotic urges without fear or shame (hello, Thor!). They do a show every week loosely arranged around all things entertainment industry-related, so if you’re an US Weekly junkie like Em, you can get your celeb gossip AND your dick jokes all in one place! Plus, Garman is an amazing vocal impersonator: Sean Connery, Adam West, Harrison Ford, etc.

CLERKS will always have a special place in my heart. And though RED STATE didn’t exactly get a warm reception at Sundance, I’m looking forward to its release this month – how can you not get a sick kick out the zealot-smackdown premise: Christian crazies led by a Westboro Baptist Church-type pastor go all Texas Chainsaw on “sinners,” especially the gay ones. (Smith gave Garman a non-speaking – ha! – part in it.) My Kevin crush was just solidified with this quote of his on TMZ, in response to Westboro’s statement, “God hates fags, God hates fag enablers, therefore God hates Kevin Smith:”

Well Jesus told ME he loved RED STATE. He said it makes up for COP OUT. He also said neither He nor His Heavenly Father have any affiliation with the Westboro Baptist Church.

Love him! Though I’ll never get behind the hockey jerseys.