THE SON OF NO ONE Gets Harsh Reception

Despite an all-star cast featuring Al Pacino, Channing Tatum, Ray Liotta, Juliette Binoche and Katie Holmes and solid advance buzz, Dito Montiel’s THE SON OF NO ONE has been dubbed the 2011 Sundance Film Festival’s “first bomb.” At a screening for press and industry members on Monday, the crime drama, which is scheduled to close the festival, prompted mass walkouts and was met with scant applause from those who stuck it out through the final credits, according to a widely picked-up report in the Hollywood Reporter.

While this doesn’t mean the film, from the award-winning writer-director behind the 2006 Sundance Film Festival favorite A GUIDE TO RECOGNIZING YOUR SAINTS, won’t get picked up and reach audiences,  “as of the first viewing, that work just got a lot harder,” the Reporter notes.

Feeling a little let down, we went looking for positive reviews. Anyone?

Alas, no.

“Not even the best A-list actors can save Dito Montiel‘s lackluster, unfocused and at times amateurish crime caper,” Raffi Asdourian writes in The Film Stage, calling the film “an extreme dud that suffers from weak performances, sloppy editing and a piss poor plot.” (And that’s just a warm-up: The review gets more negative from there.)

“Montiel employs some truly baffling editorial choices that rob the climax of all tension and momentum,” Jeff Sneider writes on The Wrap. “It’s one of the worst endings I’ve ever seen, and while it’s possible that it can be fixed, the overall story still feels undercooked.”’s Allison Loring starts out hopeful, but ends up deflated, writing: “The final confrontation at the end of the film should have been the emotional climax of the journey, as all our central characters come together, but it ended up almost confusing rather than affecting. From the choppy editing to the unresolved reactions of the characters, I was surprised to be left with almost a newsreel wrap-up as the camera panned back from the characters rather than taking the opportunity to (finally) bring us in.”

Oh, well.

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