Sundance Sales Force Is Out

First reaction upon landing in this snow-covered oasis, where we couldn’t help
but think of the back-drop of that Mormon reality TV show Sister Wives (not that we watch): It’s cold! Like, really, cold. Quite a shocker for our L.A. blood, and I imagine everyone else who was on the plane ride over feels the same way, considering the Hollywood-ness of the trip. In first class: director Miguel Arteta, who’s bringing his new film CEDAR RAPIDS—starring the funny and adorable-in-a-nerdy-kind-of-way Ed Helms—sitting next to his attorney, Linda Lichter. In coach: lots of publicists firing off emails on their lap-tops, as well as some executives (Summit Entertainment’s Rob Friedman), and a handful of journalists. We counted seven pairs of Ray Ban aviator sunglasses, all of which were being worn the entire flight. And one woolen skirt, which we thought was innovative.

But now we are here, and it’s time to focus on more important things. Already,
there’s been news: Sony Pictures Classics picked up Morgan Spurlock’s new,
subtley-titled film THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER SOLD. Well, at least half of that statement is true; if we end up getting a ticket to the premiere, we will let you know about the other half.

More soon, after we hit the first screening of PROJECT NIM, a documentary about a monkey that everyone is gushing about. It’s an important monkey, apparently. And it’s directed by James Marsh, who made the wonderful MAN ON WIRE. We have high hopes.

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